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[mkdf_highlight background_color=”” color=”#ddb5b1″]My main focus is on style and creating an image and personal style that is completely tailored to who you are.[/mkdf_highlight]

I started off my passion for fashion working part-time as a personal shopper. Understanding how looking your best makes you feel and how uplifting and empowering it is, I wanted to help other women see and understand what the benefits are when you put in a little bit more effort in creating or developing your own personal style and really understand the link between image and your personal style. But my passion goes further then being an image consultant.

Being an accessory lover aswel and understanding what can be accomplished or rather added with good accessories, I wanted to create my own accessory brand to help and empower women in looking and feeling their absolute best.

ELLA FLOR has her own signature of being timeless and sophisticated. My leather accessories can be combined with just about any style from minimalist to modern chic. Making ELLA FLOR a quite diverse accessory brand.  A typical ELLA FLOR woman is a strong and confident woman. She is unapologetically herself and understands that her uniqueness is her virtue. This is evident in the way she dresses, the way she speaks and her way of thinking.

[mkdf_highlight background_color=”” color=” #ddb5b1″]The clothes and accessories you wear have the power to tell the world your story without you ever having to say a word.[/mkdf_highlight]

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