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Business and casual image consultancy

Your appearance is a visual representation of who you are. It’s the language you speak before saying a word. Studies have shown that people form opinions within seconds of meeting someone new, based on their appearance alone. That’s where we come in. Our tailored image styling advice is designed to help you align your outer appearance with your inner self, leaving a memorable and authentic impression.

But ELLA FLOR is not just about advice – we’re about empowerment. Our engaging image and styling workshops offer you the tools and knowledge to make confident style choices on your own. Whether you’re looking to refine your personal wardrobe, project a professional image, or enhance your overall presence, our workshops are a hands-on experience that will leave you feeling empowered and ready to conquer any situation.

Join us on a journey of self-expression, transformation, and confidence-building. Please note that our consultancy services are offerd in Dutch.


Image and Styling advice


A personal style is tailored to your personality and figure.
We will work together to create an image and personal style that is completely aligned with who you are.
After this session, you will know:

  1. What body type you have
  2. What color type you are
  3. Which style type suits you best
  4. And you will get enough tips & tricks to make the right clothing choices.

At the end, you will know exactly what suits you best. Feel free to make an appointment for an introductory conversation.


Price: € 150,-

Wardrobe edit

Having a full wardrobe, but struggling every day to find the right outfit?
Then the wardrobe edit is perfect for you!
After the wardrobe edit, the results will be:

  1. A body analysis
  2. A organized wardrobe
  3. New clothing combinations
  4. List of missing basic clothing items.During the edit, your wardrobe will be thoroughly examined. I’ll go through the clothing with a fresh perspective and create new combinations where possible. A body analysis will be conducted, and you’ll receive tips on how to enhance your figure’s best features.


3 hours
Price: € 195,-

Virtual styling advice

Are you in need an image and personal style that is completely tailored to who you are? But would you prefer this advice from a distance and at a time that suits you best?
Well in that case my online styling advice would be perfect for you!

After this session you will know:
1. Which body type you have
2. Which style suits you best
3. And you’ll have tips & tricks to make the right styling choices.

After choosing a day and time that suits you best, I will contact you for an intake.

Duration: 2 hours
Price: € 99,-

Image & personal styling workshop

You’re ready for a fresh start and want a wardrobe that is completely aligned with your new self.
During this interactive workshop, I’ll guide you in creating a new personal clothing style that matches your image, color, and body type. I will explain what image means and what you can achieve when you consciously manage and pay attention to it. You’ll also receive a body and color analysis.
After this session:

  1. You’ll have a clear understanding of your image and the impression you want to convey.
  2. You’ll know your body type.
  3. You’ll know which style type suits you best.

A workshop lasts a maximum of 2.5 hours. Book this workshop with family, friends, or colleagues.

The workshop requires a minimum of 3 participants to proceed.
Location: Rotterdam Prefer a different location? We can surely work that out.

Price: € 65,- per person

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